We go the extra mile to take care of our patients and give them value for their money

Laboratory Services

General Out-Patient Clinic

We are committed to providing community-based primary health care services. Our service users span across people of all ages and social strata.

Pharmacy Services

You can always get quality and efficient drugs at affordable prices from our hospital courtesy of our pharmacy services.

Specialist Services


Radiological Service

Maternity Services

Other Services

We offer many other services in addition to the obvious listed above


o Counselling
o Testing
o Treatment (ART)

02. Auxillary Services

o Ambulance services
o Male circumcision
o Ear piercing

03. Standby generators and inverters

04. 24-hours water supply

05. Private wards with air condition, TV sets and refrigerators

Our Equipments

We have got state of the arts equipment and facilities that meets modern times and best medical practices just to take care of our patients

Get One Step Ahead Of Sickness

Self Medication can be a quiet way out but it is certainly the wrong way. Consult an medical personnel today to guide you properly